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Choimer paint儿童房设计丨给孩子最好的六一礼物

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         It is better to remodel the children room on Children's Day than to bother to choose funnygifts. The children room is not only a space, but also a unique period of time. This room carries the whole childhood memories, which is a gift of childhood that cannot be ignored.

Choimer paint儿童房设计丨给孩子最好的六一礼物


         All parents want to give their children the best thing and that will certainly include the decoration and design of children room. CHOIMER Maternal and Infant Paint is specifically designed for infants, children, and the elderly by using the leading ultra-pure technology, which is antibacterial, anti-allergic, anti-asthma, zero VOC, zero formaldehyde. The children room would be the greenest and safest place by using CHOIMER Maternal and Infant Paint.

Choimer paint儿童房设计丨给孩子最好的六一礼物


         The designer took an interesting approach by creating a fresh, quiet and elegant place in designing this children room, also with an sophisticated bathroom. Design takes into account children's social needs, which provides a quiet and secluded place to read books, watch movies with their friends.

Choimer paint儿童房设计丨给孩子最好的六一礼物


         Your princess lives in this castle-like room. The arched roof and the white of large area make it a spare-looking room, while the light purple makes it feel elegant with a kind of independent light. The gray-blue bookcase with abstract paintings makes the room more colorful.

Choimer paint儿童房设计丨给孩子最好的六一礼物


         The lightviridis with its elegance and freshness bring this room an atmosphere of misty rain, it is poetic just like the sky after the rain. The room fully enjoys the sunshine and fresh air through the two windows. The wood sofa bed decorated with animal-patterned fabric also exudes a beautiful pastoral feeling.

Choimer paint儿童房设计丨给孩子最好的六一礼物


         This children room is certainly the one involves both grand and exotic design. The coordinated and contrasting colors among orange, yellow, and green strengthen the visual impression, turning these gorgeous colors into vivid and ostentatious symbols that will bring you a lot of happiness. The hand-painted murals with child flavor bring the gold-accented room some poetic flavor, and broke the gold color into mottled shadow under the sun.

Choimer paint儿童房设计丨给孩子最好的六一礼物

         Someone would like to remodel the attic as a children room, so as to satisfy the joy of hidingin games for children by its original structure. The elegant children room is a mini-palace, in which the light blue walls with purple tints exude a charm of independence and elegance. Decorated with a carved canopy bed, crystal chandeliers, drapedsheets and a set of French antique desk and chairs, this room is almost a paradise for little  beauties with princess dreams.

Choimer paint儿童房设计丨给孩子最好的六一礼物


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