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        Pink, once the exclusive color of girls' bedrooms and boudoirs, has now changed from a seasonal popular color to a “timeless classic” and has become a popular color in any room. With the right tone, it will make any room fresh, modern, and very mature.



        Changeable pink such as light pink, flesh pink, nude pink, peach pink, cherry pink, and coral pink can make the room light and beautiful without losing style. It is soft, compatible, and all-matching, and not only can enhance the quality of the living room, but also can create a unique sense of excellence through different collocations.

        1、女王般优雅生活·Queen's Elegant Life


        This case gives us a sense of sweetness and beauty of love. Life is like having Valentine's Day every day. With coral pink as the background, the glacier gray carpet and bright white tonal balance the overall color, making the living room more pure and transparent.


        2、怦然心动的柔情攻势·Overwhelming Tenderness


        To prevent the pink living room from looking too sweet, choose a dark pink. To look refined, combine dark brown with multiple soft metal interior decorations, ranging from elegant furniture pieces and lamps to interesting art paintings.


        3、编织一方浪漫天地·Weave a Romantic World


        Pink is perfectly combined with vibrant green, which is especially important in our era of craze for indoor plants and home greenhouses. The wall is painted with pink and white grid wallpaper as a background color, and some plant-themed paintings are added to give a bucolic atmosphere.


        4、明艳动人的空间氛围·Charming Atmosphere


        This colorful living room illustrates an optimistic palm beach style, with bright tones that provide a fresh and interesting interpretation of the classic preppy style. A combination of saturated Moroccan blue, seductive rouge powder and crisp white, as well as retro furniture and new furnishings, is a tribute to the timeless tradition of modern design.


        5、如梦如幻的悠闲时光·Dreamy Time of Leisure


        To create a comfortable and relaxing living room, try combining soft champagne, sun-color, and soft blue. Layered champagne curtains breath with sun-colored sisal carpets, and are embellished with soft blue ornaments or furniture, adding decorative elements to the pink scheme.



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